Family Style

Soup (choice of 1)

Chicken vegetable with Kluski – Italian Wedding Soup – Dill Pickle Soup


Century Salad or Caesar Salad


Penne Pasta with Meat sauce and Fettuccini with Broccoli

Entrees (choice of 2)

Oven Roasted Breaded Chicken – Fresh & Smoked Kielbasa with Kapusta – Tomato Basil Meatballs – Italian Sausage with peppers and onions – Meatballs Century Style – Tender Breast of Lemon Chicken – Breaded Pork chops with our Mushroom Sauce – Champaign Breast of Chicken – Sliced Roasted loin of Pork with Fruit Glaze – Petite Beef tenderloin with Mushrooms *add $4.00*   – Stuffed Cabbage  *add $2.50*  –  City Chicken  *add $2.50*

Potatoes (choice of 1)

Oven Roasted Herbed Red Skin Potatoes – Garlic Mashed Red Skin Potatoes – Scalloped Potatoes – Smashed Red Skin Potatoes – Brown and Wild Rice Blend

Vegetables (choice of 1)

Green Bean Medly – Cut Buttered Corn – Peas & Carrots – Vegetable Medley
Above includes Fresh Baked Bread, Butter, Colombian Coffee, Tea and Chefs selection of assorted desserts.

Unlimited Bar offerings to include House Brands of:

Whiskey – Vodka – Gin – Rum – Scotch – Spiced Rum – Bourbon – Peach Flavor Schnapps – Chardonnay – Cabernet Sovereign – White Zinfandel – Domestic Draft Beer
Soda Pop, Garnishes, Juice & Professional Bartender Included
Price per guest $__________

Deluxe Beverage Service Upgrade Unlimited Bar offerings to include:

Smirnoff Vodka – Beefeater Gin – J&B Scotch – Seagram’s V.O.  – Captain Morgan Spiced Rum – Christian Brothers Brandy – Jim Beam – Peach Flavor Schnapps – Bacardi Silver Rum – Southern Comfort – Chardonnay – Cabernet Sovereign – White Zinfandel – Domestic Draft Beer
Soda Pop, Garnishes, Juice & Professional Bartender
Add $3.00 Per Attended Guests to House Brands

Premium Beverage Service Unlimited Bar offerings to include:

Absolute Vodka – Absolute Citron Vodka – Three Olives Vanilla Vodka – Three Olives Raspberry Vodka – Bacardi Silver Rum – Tangeray Gin – Jack Daniel’s – Captain Morgan Spiced Rum – Chevis Regial – Crown Royal – Canadian Club – Southern Comfort Hennessy V.O. – Baliey’s Irish Cream – Kaula – Ammerato Chardonnay – Cabernet Sovereign, White Zinfandel – Merlot Imported Draft Beer
Soda Pop, Garnishes, Juice & Professional Bartender
Add $5.00 Per Attended Guests to Deluxe Package